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Follett gift cards — a great way to shop. PUrchase at FOLLETT GIFT CARD PICTURE BOOKS Hair Love Matthew Cherry Daddy does his daughter's hair in this ode to the love between fathers and daughters. $17.99 Hardcover Nobody Hugs a Cactus Carter Goodrich Sometimes even the prickliest people – or the crankiest cacti – need a little love. $17.99 Hardcover The Evil Princess Vs. the Brave Knight Jennifer Holm This book is here to help parents tired of telling their kids to get along. $17.99 Hardcover The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School Laurie Halse Anderson Author Laurie Halse Anderson and illustrator Ard Hoyt style a hair-raising story! $7.99 Paperback A hair-raising story The Perfect School Picture Deborah Diesen This is a sweet and funny picture book about a classic school moment. $4.99 Paperback © 2019 by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm ¡Vamos! Let's Go To the Market Raul the Third This book teaches readers Spanish as they experience life in a border town. $14.99 Hardcover Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great Bob Shea Envy turns to admiration and finally to friendship for Goat and Unicorn. $7.99 Big Shark, Little Shark Go to School Anna Membrino Will Little Shark and Big Shark be late on their first day of school? $4.99 Paperback Bruce's Big Fun Day Ryan T. Higgins This tale helps children transition from listening to books read aloud to reading themselves! $4.99 Paperback Shazam! Becoming Shazam Alexandra West Before he became Shazam, he was a foster kid named Billy Batson. $4.99 Paperback © 2019 by Carter Goodrich Fingerlings Unicorn Magic Tori Kosara Unicorn Magic is a fun read for any fan of the world of the Fingerlings. $4.99 Paperback A colorful crew of unicorn friends I Am a Shark Lori C. Froeb Learn about life under the sea from a shark's point of view! $3.99 Paperback © Grumpy Cat Limited Grumpy Cat Fans Unhappy Birthday, Grumpy Cat! Frank Berrios Grumpy Cat is about to have the most unhappy birthday – just how she likes it! $4.99 Paperback fun friends Unicorn Bowling: Another Phoebe and Her Unicorn Adventure Dana Simpson A bowling unicorn is quite a sight. But it's just another fun outing for Phoebe. $9.99 Paperback Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel Eoin Colfer and Michael Moreci This graphic novel adaptation of the beloved Artemis Fowl has accessible storytelling and cinematic perspectives. $12.99 Paperback DC Super Hero Girls: Spaced Out Shea Fontana Earth's new Green Lantern must report to Oa and meet the Green Lantern Corps. $9.99 Paperback Emily Windsnap and the Falls of Forgotten Island Liz Kessler Emily Windsnap is swept up in an ancient prophecy as the series continues. $6.99 Paperback Art © Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm School-Tripped (Babymouse Tales from the Locker) Jennifer L. Holm Babymouse decides to test her freedom with an urban adventure of her own. $13.99 Hardcover Descendants 3 Junior Novel Disney Book Group This retelling captures the spirit of the third installment of the hit Descendants franchise. $6.99 Paperback Knights vs. Dinosaurs Matt Phelan Merlin sends the Knights of the Round Table to a world filled with dinosaurs! $6.99 Paperback An uproarious battle Marcus Vega Doesn't Speak Spanish Pablo Cartaya Marcus doesn't know if he'll find his father, but what he discovers changes his life. $8.99 Paperback Misfits Jen Calonita Set in the world of Fairy Tale Reform School, not everyone born royal is meant to rule. $7.99 Paperback Nightbooks J. A. White A boy imprisoned by a witch must tell a story each night to stay alive. $6.99 Paperback The Problim Children Natalie Lloyd Seven siblings tackle problems together – even when their neighbors try to tear them apart. $6.99 Paperback Sandapalooza Shake-Up Chris Grabenstein Can P.T. and Gloria win the contest, keep the restaurant going and clear Clara's name? $7.99 Paperback Shouting at the Rain Lynda Mullaly Hunt Ronan and Delsie learn that, together, they can weather any storm. $16.99 Hardcover Welcome to Wonderland series Soldier Dogs #4: Victory at Normandy Marcus Sutter This book takes readers to the most famous battle of World War II. $7.99 Paperback Pottymouth and Stoopid James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein Tired of being bullied, middle- school underdogs "Pottymouth" and "Stoopid" finally fight back. $7.99 Paperback Pride Wars: The Four Guardians Matt Laney Mystery, magic and action-packed adventure converge in this high- stakes sequel. $7.99 Paperback Popular author Jimmy patterson presents... punch-out picture frame exclusive signed Popular series new series exclusive BabyMouse-tastic Super Sons: The Polarshield Project Ridley Pearson This epic new series follows the Super Sons of Superman and Batman! $9.99 Paperback new series

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