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Graphic Novels have a well-deserved place in today's classrooms and libraries. Whether you're a teacher, educator or reading specialist seeking to incorporate graphic novels into your curriculum, or a librarian looking to build a collection, Follett can help connect you to the right materials. Graphic Novels can help with: – Building important vocabulary with the support of images and simplified text. – Differentiated instruction that motivate students through a visually engaging, action-oriented format. – Support young children's understanding of print concepts – reading left to right, top to bottom and using pictures to gain meaning from words. – Use graphic novels as an engaging way to incorporate writing exercises that help students develop skills in transferring ideas and arguments to written form. – Help students develop critical thinking skills such as inferring, predicting and analyzing textual and visual information. TURN THE PAGE AND EXPLORE A VARIETY OF HIGH QUALITY, EXCITING TITLES FOR ALL OF YOUR STUDENTS TO ENJOY! Empower Educators. Inspire Learning TM t o t he c urri cu l um a va l u ab l e add it i o n G R A P H I C N OVELS … for all S TU D EN T S .

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